About NLM

June 18, 2010

New Latino Movement’s History:

During the 2008 election cycle, we all saw the emergence of a new Latino movement headed by a new generation of activists ready to work to change America. We didn’t just vote, we organized, we held fundraisers, we knocked on doors, we built coalitions, we made news, we rallied, we talked to our friends and familias, and we saw results.

A historic 9.7 million Americans of Latino heritage cast their votes in 2008—67 percent of which supported the historic election of our 44th President of the United States.

Inspired by the millions of Latinos who for the first time became engaged in their community as a result of the 2008 elections cycle, and recognizing the need for significantly more Latino leadership in civic and political spheres, a committee of volunteers and staff from the 2008 presidential cycle came together to form the New Latino Movement.

In late 2008, we came together to respond to President-Elect Barack Obama’s call for community service events to be held in the days leading up to his election. We worked through the holiday season to organize a Pre-Inauguration Latino Political Training Day at the National Council of La Raza in Washington, D.C. in January of 2009 and trained 100 Latino organizers from 18 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

The energy and excitement around this event was so great that we decided to keep the group going — and we went on to organize events during 2009 around the historic nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court as well as various training and networking events.



New Latino Movement’s  Mission:

The New Latino Movement mission as a volunteer-based network is to engage, train, empower and connect progressive Latinos through online and on-the-ground strategies.



NLM’s 2011-2012 Estamos Unidos Campaign:

  1. Organize Democratas Unidos (a national “Latino countdown” to the 2012 Democratic convention in North Carolina with a DNC Gen44 fundraiser) Sept. 3-5, 2011 in Arkansas – an event we hope will be supported by great progressive elected officials, speakers, sponsors and ideally 200 attendees.
  2. Establish state-based chapters to execute field, fundraising and communication efforts as part of a nationally coordinated NLM plan.
    • Field efforts will focus on ensuring Latino involvement in volunteer and paid campaign programs (may include organizing or partnering with other groups on trainings, candidate forums, voter registration, get-out-the-vote efforts, identifying up and coming candidates, etc.)
    • Fundraising efforts online and on-the-ground will focus on the DNC/Obama campaign Gen44 young professional fundraising council and local pro-Latino Democratic candidates/campaigns. Special Gen44 web links and our “Estamos Unidos” page on ActBlue.com will help us track funds raised by our network and members.
    • Communication efforts will focus on growing NLM’s national and regional contact lists/social media following, sharing local political information within the regional and national NLM networks, and generating excitement to increase Latinos’ involvement in the political process.
  3. Support Latinos’ involvement in the 2012 Democratic National Convention and election cycle. This may involve trainings, webinars, resume bank, job lists and other efforts to ultimately support pro-Latino Democratic candidates, campaign staff, volunteers and causes.