Red Couriers

Red Couriers is a point to point courier service for urgent and documents and parcels. The company owns a large fleet of Trucks and vans of different capacities. The company assures its customers the documents and parcels to be delivered at the appropriate places with safety and security in time. All the transportation vehicles are radio connected, so the customers are being informed about the date and time the parcels reaching the destinations.


The Courier company has spread its services to the express and logistics departments. The company offers services world wide with a strong network and offices in different locations. Red Express is reputed for its quality services provided to the customers since the inception. The company provides a flexible pick up and delivery system making it easy for the customers. Red Express and Red logistics combined to provide commitment to deliver quality services on time.

The company offers different types of Services

Red Parcel Express

In this type of service the company provides pickup from the customers door step and deliveries to required destination. The pick up is done twice a day.

Red Couriers

This service is a point to point courier service for urgent documents and parcels which is delivered on the same day itself.

Red Taxi Trucks

The company owns a fleet of Trucks and vans with different tonnage capacities which are capable of transporting loads from one point to another. All vehicles are well maintained in a good condition and equipped with radios. The vehicle staff are also well experienced and efficient.