United Parcel Services

United Parcel Services is a famous courier company based in the United States which was started decades ago. UPS gained good experience in Express distribution and Logistics.The company has a wide range of network in various location of the world. The global logistic and courier company is head quartered in Georgia. The courier company was established in the year 1907 by the American Messenger Company. UPS extended its operations into three segments.

The services offered by the UPS

Domestic Services

This kind of service includes time definte deliveries of  letters, documents and parcels through out the United States. Door to door deliveries are provided.

International Services

This service operates to more than 220 Countries world wide including express deliveries and shipments world wide. Door to door deliveries are provided.

Supply chain and Freight Services

This special services include UPS forwarding, logistic operations, UPS Freight and other related business. The services are offered to more than 175 Countries.

UPS is recognized Globally

The United Parcel Services UPS is reputed as the worlds largest express delivery and package delivery companies in the world and is also well recognized globally. UPS has a large fleet of Aircraft’s and heavy to non heavy Vehicles.UPS has the innovative technology to ensure the safer and faster operations to the Customers.